Everything you need to know about your e-BIKE battery

Batteries play an important role in the autonomy and performance of e-BIKES. If you have one or are considering investing in one, you may have many questions about the battery: useful life, autonomy, temperature, humidity, care, know everything you need to know about it and enjoy it without surprises.


¿What type of battery do they have??

The first electric bikes used heavy lead batteries, but today the batteries are lithium and offer great advantages.

Among the advantages of using lithium, we find: lower energy density per cubic centimeter, absence of memory effect and greater number of recharge cycles. That is, they weigh four times less than lead ones, can be charged even if they have not been completely discharged, and offer longer life..

¿How much autonomy does the battery offer??

This is one of the most important factors to take into account when purchasing an e-BIKE. The autonomy offered by the battery will depend largely on the model, an E-MTB for mountain routes is not the same as a folding bike to transport you around the city.

In this case, we must look at the watts per hour, the more the battery has, the more kilometers it will allow you to travel. But, at Momabikes we make it easy for you and mark the autonomy offered by each of our models. If you want to take routes that exceed 100Km, you must choose between the 27.5'' E-MTB, the 29'' E-MTB, the model E-MTB Full Suspension 27.5'' either E-MTB Full Suspension 29'', the E-FAT PRO 26'' and the EBIKE 28 PRO, since they offer a range of up to 120km. On the other hand, if you want the e-BIKE to get around the city, a range of 80 km will be enough, like that of our model. folding EBIKE 20'', the EBIKE 26 HYDR wave EBIKE 28 HYDR.

It must also be taken into account that factors such as the weight of the cyclist will influence the autonomy. With a weight of less than 70Kg, the e-BIKE will offer greater autonomy and vice versa.


Battery life

Another question that may arise is how long the battery of an e-BIKE lasts and if it will need to be replaced. The batteries of electric bikes, like the batteries of the rest of the technological devices that we use on a daily basis, degrade. At Momabikes we offer a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, but its useful life is much longer. You cannot know with certainty how long your e-BIKE battery will last, but if we know that it depends on how you take care of it, you can extend its use.

The useful life of the batteries is measured according to the cycles of use, which are usually between 500 and 1000. As the cycles are consumed, the capacity of the battery is reduced by up to 70-80% compared to the new battery. .



The batteries reach optimal performance with temperatures around 20º, and decrease as the temperature drops. Likewise, you have to be careful with excessive temperatures, but generally, in winter you can travel up to 30% fewer kilometers than in summer.


¿Batteries can get wet?

This is one of the big doubts, and yes, they can get wet. Whether they are washed or exposed to rain, they will not be damaged, but they cannot withstand being submerged in water or being washed with pressure water. To wash your e-BIKE safely you must take into account certain aspects such as cleaning it often, not using pressurized water or lubricating the transmission after washing.

These are some of the main steps to safely clean your e-BIKE, if you want to know how to do them correctly in depth, we will explain it to you here.

How to care for the e-BIKE battery

Extending the life of your e-BIKE battery is possible by treating it with care and following some simple tips:

  • Do not drain the battery to the maximum.
  • Do not charge the battery to 100% always.
  • After a ride, wait until the battery is at room temperature to charge it.
  • Unplug the battery when it is already charged.
  • Keep the battery connections clean.
  • Avoid long exposure to the sun.

If you want to know more about how to take care of your e-BIKE battery, we will tell you everything you need to know in this article.


This is everything you need to know in general about electric bike batteries, but if you still have any questions about their operation or care, Contact us and we will help you solve them.