The best routes for electric bikes

E-bikes allow you to take routes that previously only experienced cyclists could do. Forest tracks, rural roads or local and mountain roads Assisted pedaling allows us to enjoy routes previously unthinkable. And, as it could not be otherwise, in Spain we have wonderful routes to do by bike. Today we talk to you about some of them::


Madrid, Torres de la Alameda

Fun route to get to know the essentials of the area, ideal to enjoy your e-bike. You will travel many of the most representative paths around the Jarama Valley. It is an affordable route to ride your electric bike without too much effort and enjoy the places of Torres de la Alameda.

This one-way route offers 69km with moderate difficulty and an elevation gain of 860m.


Madrid, return through the ford dam and La Vereda

If you are an experienced cyclist who enjoys new challenges, your e-bike will help you enjoy even more this circular route that is almost 100km long and has more than 2,000m of elevation gain.

The hardness of this route is rewarded with its landscapes and the tranquility of the area. You will appreciate the help of assisted pedaling during the continuous descent through forest tracks.


Catalonia, Pescacorriols

In Catalonia you can enjoy Pescacorriols: 30km of complicated circular route with a gradient of more than 1,000m.

One of our favorite routes because of the environment, the demand and the up and down paths. It begins with 3Km of greenway and an ascent that alternates track and trail. But at kilometer 13 the magic begins; You will enjoy a descent into a beech forest with banked curves, steps between stones and some steps, it is so incredible that you will not want to blink so as not to miss anything. In the second part of the route you will be able to enjoy a completely different scenario; meadows and a horizon that blends with the sky.

If you live in Catalonia and like demanding routes, you can't miss it!!


Huesca, return to the Mediano Reservoir

The Huesca Pyrenees is, without a doubt, a privileged place to enjoy the mountains and spectacular landscapes. This route goes completely around the Mediano Reservoir; combining trails, tracks and even some stretches of asphalt. Without a doubt, one of our favorite routes in Ainsa.

You will enjoy 66km and more than 1,600m of altitude on a complicated route surrounded by incredible landscapes, it will make you enjoy the Pyrenees in a different way.

This route is complicated even with assisted pedaling, the already known as zone zero will make you enjoy and suffer, but it is not recommended if you are not used to technical trails and are in good physical shape, since you will be able to find large climbs, as well as trails stony with fixed slabs, medium and large stones.

Galicia, the Lugo Fishermen's Route

This route is one of the most famous in Galicia, located in the province of Lugo. It has a distance of 36.5Km, moderate difficulty and a gradient of 585m.

The circular route begins in the Los Robles recreational area and offers some tough climbs that you won't be able to resist with your e-bike. Enjoy the privileged environment that Lugo offers while you exercise riding your electric bike.


Castilla y León, Pico el Nevero from Navafria

This route of moderate difficulty offers 42.5km to travel on your e-bike. A gradient of more than 1,000m and a circular route will make you enjoy the track, the cross country is reserved for the summits.

This route with great views begins in Navafria, goes up to the peak of Nevero and goes down again towards Navafria through Cerro Pelado and Romalo Pelado passing through the natural pools, where you can take a break.


Valencian Community, Albufera

One of the most complete routes that you can take very close to the Valencian capital. With a distance of 96km, a gradient of 30m and moderate difficulty, it will not be difficult for you to enjoy the Albufera, the Mediterranean and its nearest towns.

Enjoy a route very close to the city and discover while you ride the various crops that are found along the route. The calm and fast pace of this Valencian route will allow you to enjoy not only nature but also the various small towns around.


Andalusia, Granada, Veleta

¿You like challenges This route is for you. Near Granada we find one of the most spectacular routes in Andalusia..

A 1,000km long circular route with impressive views, a gradient of almost 3,000m and moderate difficulty will take you to the highest road in Europe; Veleta Peak.”.


If you like to enjoy the adrenaline by discovering new places and incredible landscapes, you will love these routes: choose one and get going!!