Top 5 accessories for your electric bike

Enjoying different routes with your e-bike is simple, but you know which accessories are essential to get the most out of it. Today we talk to you about them, so that your getaways are 10.0.

Next, this is our Top 5 accessories to increase your safety when riding and protect your bike from breakdowns or theft. Take advantage of the greatest performance on your routes with your e-bike; You will be able to go further, faster and with less effort, which means more fun. Prepare the essential accessories, get rolling!!



Without a doubt, the essential accessory is a good helmet. Your safety is the most important thing, and the helmet will protect your head, reducing the impact you suffer from any fall.

At Momabikes you can find three models of helmets; he bmx helmet, he Bright BMX helmet and the New Rocket helmet. All of them in two sizes; M and L. It is important that you choose the right size for you, otherwise it will not protect you correctly. You can know your helmet size by measuring the diameter of your head with a meter, size M will be ideal for you if your diameter measures between 54-58cm, and size L if it measures between 58-62cm.



Using approved front and rear lights is essential if you are going to ride when the sun begins to set or at night. Both on the road and in the city, it is important to have lights on your bike to have better visibility and so that the vehicles driving around you can see you.

We can find different types of lights; front, rear, turn signals. You must choose the most appropriate ones for your needs. At Momabikes you will find a LED light kit, ideal if you need front light (white) and rear light (red). These lights have a silicone case, three lighting functions, water resistance and easily adapt to any bike. On the other hand, if you need a more powerful front light, the 5 led headlightIt is for you, since it offers great brightness with three functions and can serve as a flashlight. And finally, you will find SMART LED light red light or SMART LED headlight White, these lights have high luminosity with two and three functions respectively, they are waterproof and visible at 600m. Additionally, all these light models include batteries. Incorporate lights on your bike and don't worry about the darkness.


Anti-theft padlock

Our safety is a priority, but the safety of our E-BIKE too. Therefore, it is essential to have a good anti-theft padlock to protect it when we leave it parked.

You can find different types of padlock and choose the most suitable one for you, but we recommend that, if you don't have it yet, you opt for a U-shaped padlock and steel, since we can say that they are currently the safest.


In fourth position, but could be in first. The air pump It is essential, both for home and for medium and long routes. Having tires with the correct pressure is essential for our safety and that of our bike. If you still do not know the ideal pressure for your bike, we will explain it to you. here.

This mini pump It is ideal to take on the routes.


water canister

Staying well hydrated during the route is essential to enjoy it and finish it successfully. Load with a aluminum drum in a bottle cage It is the most comfortable way to hydrate yourself while you pedal.

Hydration during the route is so important because it is the only way to maintain fluid balance in the body during physical activity. Therefore, you must maintain correct hydration. To know how much water you have to carry, you must take into account factors such as the hardness, altitude and length of the route you are going to take. In addition to the weather conditions and the possibility of refilling the drum.

As an extra, a small bag It can be very useful for carrying your belongings at hand and without having to carry them with you.

Additionally, you can reinforce your protection by using gloves to protect your hands while ensuring greater grip on the handlebars. And you can improve your visibility on sunny days with good polarized sunglasses.

We know that cycling is a sport that can entail risks if it is not done with the appropriate equipment to guarantee the safety of the cyclist and the bike. It's not just enough to check the condition of the bike, with our top 5 essential accessories, you can go out and ride with complete peace of mind.

Feeling of freedom, adrenaline and new adventures await you on your favorite routes, you already have everything you needo?