Advantages and disadvantages of folding bikes

Before deciding to buy a folding bicycle, it is advisable to inform ourselves to see if this type of bike suits our needs, so below we are going to contrast the advantages and disadvantages of folding bicycles.

Among the main disadvantages of the folding bicycles The fact that they are 100% urban appears. Folding bikes are not designed for sports use, not even on asphalt. And the price can be another of the disadvantages of folding bicycles.

Despite its apparent fragility, a normal folding bike can adapt to the "hard" life of cities, although there will be obstacles that would be overcome much better on other types of bikes, such as mountain bikes Without going any further or into a much more specialized field, the bmx bikes. In addition, we must keep in mind that not all bikes fold and unfold with the same ease and that their weight can sometimes be an inconvenience that perhaps we had not taken into account initially.

The great competition that exists in cities with other types of urban bikes may also be an element that ends up being added to the list of disadvantages of folding bicycles. On the one hand, for usability, because if we can only afford one outlay they have little to say about mountain bikes; On the other hand, for convenience, because depending on the use we give them, they are at a disadvantage above all about touring bikes; and finally because if we look at the fashions that come and go, the last ones that have gained a part of the street have been bicycles. fixie and bmx.

¿You were about to buy a folding bike and you have become discouraged by the panorama we have drawn. Do not despair and just read the entire text, because in this analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of folding bicycles, now it is the turn of the advantages, which are many and very significant compared to other types of bikes.  

Between the advantagesThe first thing worth mentioning is the little space they take up when folded. This undoubtedly makes it the best friend of the office worker and many other professionals, who can host it in their workplace. Back at home, they can even be stored in a closet, while other bikes cannot pass without making us more uncomfortable than in the hall or on the balcony, if one of these spaces is available. And, although it may sound like a joke, the fact of being able to take it up and down in the elevator without fear of it getting dirty or causing damage to the stairs of our building can save us countless arguments and bad looks from our neighbors. Anyone who has suffered them on some occasion will know how to properly value this point.

Being able to park them under cover and very close to us is priceless, since it completely removes them from the action of thieves and protects them from inclement weather.

Mobility and transportation are other favorable points of the folding bicycles. Some people who live dozens of kilometers away from their workplace benefit from choosing a folding city bicycle to help them travel, since due to its small space they can easily get on other means of transport such as buses, subways. or railway. If these means are used to make the longest journey, folding bikes become perfect allies for making the journey from the stop or station to our destination.

In addition, it is much easier to transport in a car than other types of bikes. In many vehicles there will be no problems fitting it in the trunk, and we will save a good handful of euros on extra accessories, such as the rear bike rack or the duplicate license plate.

If before we placed the price among the disadvantages, now we place this element in the bag of advantages in this analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages of folding bicycles, since with the passage of the years and the development of the "bicycle" industry Many models of cheap folding bicycles have been put on the market. This is the case of Momabikes, you can buy cheap reliable folding bicycles like the model First Class 2.

Finally, one more qualitative advantage is that in addition to the normal folding bike, we can also find on the market electric folding bikes. Wherever our pedaling cannot reach, the motor with which they are equipped will arrive. At Momabikes there are also cheap folding bicycles with pedal assistance.

This discussion of advantages and disadvantages that we have just reviewed may not serve to make us experts who know everything about folding bicycles. But it will surely help us decide whether the next bicycle that enters the house is a normal folding bike (or electric) or not.