This is the perfect opportunity for cycling enthusiasts to send us your reviews and tell us about your experiences with our bikes and have the opportunity to save the cost of your last MOMABIKES bicycle.

We put this contest at your disposal so that you can transmit to us your passion and desire for cycling. Whether you are a regular customer or a new one who just bought your first bike, this contest is for you.

The contest will be resolved quarterly, with the deadlines being March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 among all participants who send us reviews between each of the periods. We will communicate the ruling on our social media channels; follow us on Facebook and instagram to stay up to date with all our news.

¿What do you have to do to participate in our contest?

¡Too easy! You just have to share your experience with your MOMABIKES bicycle. The bases of the contest are the following:

1.Leave a comment on Google attaching a photo of your bike

2.Have purchased a MOMA BIKES bicycle in the last two years.

3.Send a screenshot of the comment you left us to:

Tell us why you chose us, what makes your bike so special, what occasions you use it for, why you would recommend it, etc. The comment that seems most original to us will be lucky enough to receive a 100% full refund of the cost of their bicycle.

¿Do you want to be the winner and take the total amount of your bike for free??

¡You still have time to participate!