Race or freestyle? all about bmx

If there are some bikes that have proliferated in the main Spanish cities in recent years beyond the well-known ones fixies, which we talked about in the previous publication, have been bicycles BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross). These models belong to a type of cycling derived from motocross, in which races, tricks and stunts are performed. The push that extreme sports have experienced in our country, especially among the young public, but not exclusively, has meant that groups of riders They are seen more and more frequently on our streets.

Just as the fixie user usually walks alone and in many cases uses his bike to go to work, the BMX riders usually go in groups to travel to a skatepark or some other point in the city where they can do their pirouettes or simply be seen. . And far from the riot of color invested in fixies, BMX bike users clearly opt for black, both for their frames and their outfits.

Many young people attracted by this type of urban cycling may be considering buying bicycles today. cheap BMX. A logical approach would be to investigate the second-hand market or visit BMX bicycle stores, although there are also new bikes for sale on the Internet at a very affordable price, such as Momabikes, where you can buy cheap BMX bicycles online, as well as a wide variety of accessories. Those who are looking to get started in this urban sport and do not want to spend 400 euros or more to get their first BMX bicycle have the opportunity to buy a reliable and light mount for less than 230.  

BMX models

The BMX bike has a world created around it, if you enjoy the race mode, which is practiced on a track similar to that of motocross, with compact clay sand soil, which prevents the wheels from getting stuck, the model BMX bike it is ideal; classic cut, black, with Hi Ten frame, aluminum V-Brakes, aluminum wheels, 2 stands, reinforced pedals and 20-inch wheels. But, if you prefer freestyle acrobatics, the model Free-Style Bicycle It is perfect for doing the most risky stunts; 360º turning system, reinforced hi-Ten stunt frame, front and rear Zoom disc brakes, 20-inch wheels, 48-spoke professional rims…

Definitely, if jumps, tricks and stunts are your thing, this bike is for you. Small in size for greater maneuverability and with metal supports to perform the most risky tricks, with BMX you will be more in the air than on the ground. You will not stop feeling the adrenaline with our BMX models.

In addition, at Momabikes you can also buy an essential element for the urban biker, the typical BMX rider helmet in two models: bmx helmet (ML) and the Bright BMX helmet (ML), for less than 30..

BMX is an extreme sport, so security is essential. Momabikes bicycles are built with the best materials, as safety is a priority. But, in addition, we advise the cyclist to use accessories such as: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and cloth gloves. It is also important to wear appropriate footwear, skate-type sneakers or MTB platform sneakers are the most appropriate. And, we must not forget about maintenance, since in this type of bicycle it is essential to avoid accidents.s.


Without being an exclusively BMX bicycle store, since its catalog is also nourished by mountain bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes and electricalMomabikes is an online store where it is possible to buy cheap BMX bicycles, backed by a lifetime frame warranty.