Best cycle routes in spain

Before the good weather leaves and winter arrives, it is the ideal time to enjoy new cycling routes in Spain.

Before taking any route it is important to prepare properly, but even more so if it is a new route that is not known. Therefore, before talking about the best cycle routes in Spain, we want to give you some basic advice on the best way to eat before and during the route.

It is advisable that you always carry something to eat that can give you energy, such as nuts, bananas or bars. Generally, the first two hours you will not need to feed, but from then on, it is good to eat every 45 minutes. Foods rich in carbohydrates are recommended, such as those mentioned above, which will give you energy to continue enjoying the route. In addition, it is essential to hydrate every 20-30 minutes and after 2 hours, incorporate liquid with mineral salts.

Taking this into account, depending on the route to be taken we will have to carry some accessories and equipment or other, adapted to the climatic conditions of the area at the time we are going to carry out the route. These are the 5 cycle routes that we want to talk to you about today:


The Transpyrenean

The Transpyrenean route is the journey that crosses the Pyrenees from East to West. It has more than 1000km of route, starting in Llança and ending in Hondarribia, it is considered the mountain cycle route par excellence.

This route will allow you to enjoy spectacular landscapes, but to do it you must be very well prepared, since it is one of the most complicated to do with a mountain bike.



The TransAndalus mountain route runs through the southern part of Spain, with more than 2000km of route. This is a circular route that crosses the eight provinces of Andalusia, ending at the starting point.

This route is perfect to do at any time of the year due to the climate of its location, and it is special since in each province there is a group of volunteers who are in charge of designing and laying out the best paths in the area.


The Camino del Cid

This is a historic route with great recognition. It begins in Vivar del Cid, Burgos, where El Cid Campeador was born, and ends in Valencia, where he died.ó.

More than 700km of crossing, 7 provinces in the interior of the peninsula and a very historical route completely linked to El Cid.


Santiago's road

The Camino de Santiago is, without a doubt, one of the most famous routes in our country. Both nationally and internationally, since it is a unique road network in the world. It is not an exclusively cycling route, but the bike is a very suitable means of doing it.

Whether you are just starting out in the world of cycling routes or you are an expert, the Camino de Santiago is for you. It has magnificent signage and organization, which makes it one of the best routes if you are just starting out. In addition, you can choose between many options to explore it, these are the 4 main ones:

  • French way. One of the best known. It starts in Roncesvalles and its distance is 750km.
  • Via de la Plata. Perfect if you want to cross the peninsula from the south. More than 1000km of beautiful landscapes.
  • Northern or Coastal Path. More than 815km in which you will enjoy the northern coast of the peninsula, and which begins in Irún.
  • Portuguese way. More than 630km that begin in Lisbon, being the main road connecting Portugal and Santiago.


The Cistercian Route

The last route that we propose is a route through Catalonia. It covers from Tarragona to Lleida.

This journey links the three monasteries (Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona) over 108km. You will discover incredible landscapes, a rich artistic-religious heritage, culture…


As you can see through these 5 cycle routes, Spain has a large number of routes of different lengths, difficulties, tastes and a wide variety of geographical areas. Getting to know the peninsula on your mountain bike is possible. Adventure, action and incredible landscapes await you in every corner, you dare to discover themos?

And if you are thinking of changing your Mountain bike or join the team e-bikes, this is a perfect time for it. Tell us, which route will you try first?o?