Interview with tamara muriel

  • Let's start by getting to know you a little more, tell us Tamara where you are from, what you do and what disciplines within cycling you practice.s?

¡Hello! I am from Gijón and I dedicate myself to the legal profession. How did it happen to me?

sitting for many hours, my body asks me to go and spend energyía

¡and what better than with sport! Within practical cycling,

road, although, recently I am trying the gravel mode and

¡I'm loving it!



  • ¿Do you do any other sport besides cycling? How did your hobby come about? You already did other sports before.te?

Fundamentally, cycling and gym training are what

They occupy my days right now. However, I like to try

all the sports that spark some kind of interest in me. I have gone to

surfing classes, climbing classes, I have ever ridden a skateboard...

My love for cycling began a couple of years ago, after the

confinement, when my partner and I needed to feel again

free. We started riding with some old road bikes that

we had and after a few outings, we fell in love with this sport.

Also, my father has been cycling since he was young, so

that he was also a source of inspiration. At home, since I was little

There have always been road and mountain bikes, so let's say that,,

The bike has been part of my life since I can remember.

  • We are especially interested in knowing your experience doing the Camino de Santiago by bike, tell us how the idea was born, what you liked most about the trip and of course it is as hard as it seems :)? :)

Last year, my partner and I were passing through Santiago and we

spread the good atmosphere of the arrival of the pilgrims to the Plaza del

Obrador. We decided then to do the Camino the following year.

What I liked most is the sense of self-pride you feel when

look back and see all the kilometers traveled, the towns and places

so magical that you have found along the way and that, possibly, if

I would not have entered into that experience, I would never have known.

As for whether it's as hard as it seems, I'll say no. There really is

to adapt the stages to the physical state of each one and most importantly,

¡enjoy rolling! It doesn't matter when you arrive, whether in 4, 5 or 10 days,

It is important to enjoy the Camino!!



  • And now you come from doing Empty Mountains, another piece of adventure, what was the experience like? Would you recommend it? Is there any anecdote that you cherish with affection from these two outings?lidas?

I recommend it 100%. Personally, I really enjoy riding in

Full nature. Specifically, the part of Empty Mountains that I have

shooting has been spectacular. Contrast of landscapes, wildlife in

middle of the forest, lonely mountains with incredible magic, in the

that we could be filming for almost two hours without meeting anyone…

I have good memories of both experiences, in addition to the

landscapes through which we have cycled, the kindness of the people.

Meet people who come from other places. Share

experiences. On the Camino de Santiago, we met a boy who

called Hans who had been pedaling from Berlin. We pedal with him

climb to O'Cebreiro, then our paths separated. I hope thate

The Camino went well for you!

  • After doing these two experiences, we imagine that you have fulfilled one of your dreams by bike on the wishlist, but is there a special route that you dream of doing?r?

I still have many important ports in Asturias to ride, but

It would be incredible to one day be able to pedal in The Dolomites.

  • And finally, what advice would you give to a person who has just bought one of our mountain bikes and wants to start practicing this sport?e?

My advice is that cycling is a sport in which you compete with yourself

same. Never compare yourself to anyone. Try to surpass the previous exit

and do a few more km, but always start little by little. Hills

important is to have fun and control your mind: although at some point

she tells you you can't, you know you can!!