What bike should i buy? choose urban bike

¿Are you looking for a bike to get around the city? More and more of us are choosing bicycles as a means of urban transportation. It is an ecological, comfortable and economical means that provides flexibility to your routine..

Cities are increasingly adapted to accommodate those who decide to travel by bike, therefore, choosing this option is very simple. We could say that today, cycling is a lifestyle that combines environmental and personal benefits.

But which bike to buy Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one urban bike or another. Today we are going to talk to you about them so that it is easier for you to



Bike ride

The touring bikes They are simple models with a design designed for movement within the city.

They are characterized by having a high and curved handlebar, which together with the geometry of its frame helps to maintain a comfortable position, as it allows for an upright posture. The shape of the frame is usually curved to facilitate getting on and off, and they do not require much maintenance because the use given to them is simple. Furthermore, these types of bicycles may or may not have gear changes, depending on the model we choose.

In Momabikes we found the touring bike City Classic, with basket, and the touring bike Netherlands.



Trekking or hybrid bike

The trekking bikes They are suitable for moving around the city as well as for weekend excursions in the countryside.

These bikes are characterized by being a mix between mountain bikes and touring bikes. With it we will have the comfort of touring bikes and the versatility to ride on dirt roads.

These models have wider tires and a large number of gears, the Momabikes They have a minimum of 18 speeds. In addition, the riding position is less upright than on touring bikes, which makes pedaling more agile and effective.

Trekking bikes are an all-in-one; city ​​and nature, tranquility and risk. They allow you to pedal on land, mountains or asphalt safely and carrying what you need, since you can add accessories such as backpacks and saddlebags.

In Momabikes Our trekking bikes are prepared to boost your speed even on the most difficult terrain.




Folding bicycle

The folding bicycles They are the most suitable if you have little storage space or combine the bike with public transport. In addition, it is ideal to take it to the office and not leave it on the street.

This type of bike folds in the middle of the frame, the handlebars and in some cases also the seat post thanks to a hinge arrangement that allows it. They usually have small wheels, which makes these models ideal for short trips. In addition, they usually have fenders, reflectors and lights.

Without a doubt, they are one of the best options if your goal is to transport yourself around the city efficiently, since they take up little space and are easily combined with other means of transportation. Practical, compact and easy to fold and store, weighing less than conventional bikes.

Now that you know that the folding bike is for you, we want to give you one last piece of advice: if the main use you are going to use it for is to take short trips and short walks around the city, your ideal bike is a small and thin one. On the other hand, if you are going on long trips, you will need a bicycle with larger and more robust wheels.



Electric bicycle

Finally, among urban bicycles we find the E-BIKE. This type of bicycle incorporates an electric motor, which helps the pedaling exercised by the cyclist. Therefore, this bike is ideal if you are looking to get around by bike with less effort, but you must keep in mind that the maximum speed you can reach with it is limited to 25km/h.

¡At Momabikes you can find touring e-bikes and folding e-bikes!


Finally, two factors that you can take into account if you live in a city with a lot of unevenness is that bikes with gears will make the journey easier and in terms of wheels; The wider they are, the further you will advance with the same pedal stroke.


Without a doubt, there are many advantages that urban bikes offer; savings on gasoline and public transportation, not depending on external schedules, they are easily adaptable to carry the little ones, and they are prepared to travel around the city in them, being able to add a multitude of accessories to make our lives easier according to personal needs.


¿You already know which is the perfect urban bike for you?