What bike should i buy? choose mountain bike.

When the time comes to enjoy nature by pedaling, for many it is also time to answer this question: what bike should I buy? Choosing the mountain bike that best suits our needs is an essential precondition for achieving a satisfactory experience. and durable.a.

Which MTB to buy, that is the question. From the outset, as we say, one that adapts to our needs. We are going to go out every weekend doing an "intensive course" in the summer, or on the contrary we are going to use the bike sporadically. We are satisfied with the bike as it arrives from the factory or we are one of those who start changing components almost before to try it We have no budget limit that we cannot exceed These and many other factors determine how to choose an mtb bicycle.a mtb.

If what matters is buying a cheap mountain bike, we can set our sights on the Momabikes online store, specialized in the sale of new bikes at very affordable prices. Momabikes distributes cheap and reliable bikes at factory prices, with a variety of designs and features wide enough to satisfy a large majority of users; since it is the brand itself that makes the bikes, achieving very competitive prices for this reason. Deciding which mountain bike to buy must therefore take into account issues such as the frequency of use and the terrain through which we will travel on our MTB outings.

To choose Mountain bike At Momabikes, the first element to take into account is if we are going to use the bike every day, and if we will do it on flat paved terrain or if our daily habitat is the mountains. If we are going to use it sporadically in the mountains and on the other hand we are going to use it every day in the city, for 149 euros we have the model Mountain Bike Climber. When choosing a mountain bike we must also take into account our riding style. If we want an MTB with front and rear suspension, we have the one at Momabikes. hit mountain bike for 239 euros. If we are more used to rigid MTBs (only with front suspension) the fox mountain bike It will be ours for 209 euros. All of them are equipped with disc brakes (more effective in water conditions than traditional rubber shoes) and a 21-speed Shimano brand gearbox.

The other option is to choose a mountain bike with an aluminum frame. These are lighter bikes, with disc brakes and a slightly more versatile 24-speed gearbox, also from the Shimano brand. Like the models with frames made of steel, the aluminum ones also offer a line with front suspension (the GTT) and another with double suspension (the Equinox). Another characteristic that differentiates these ranges and that can answer the question "what mountain bike should I buy" is the design. The GTT available at Momabikes are traditional mountain bikes (MTB), with lines that are reminiscent of the first all-terrain bikes that arrived in our country. If we want to buy a cheap mountain bike but with a more current design, the recommended option is to choose one Equinox mountain bike.

Let's opt for one or the other, the offer of standard mtb bikes, equipped with wheels of 26 inches, versions of 27.5 and 29 inches. To decide which mountain bike to buy from among these options, it is not necessary to take into account the size of the user (in fact Momabikes offers various sizes of each model) but rather the type of routes that we are going to frequent: flat or with steep slopes, countryside through or along narrow paths...

If someone we know asks us for an opinion on which mtb to buy from these three types of bike, we can answer them based on the terrain they use. MTBs with 29-inch wheels are chosen by bikers who practice rallies, long dirt routes on which the larger diameter wheels allow them to maintain a higher cruising speed than the 26-inch wheels with the same effort. If you prefer to choose a mountain bike to navigate narrow trails with constant ups and downs, the standard 26-inch bike is optimal because it is much more maneuverable and allows for more explosive accelerations. The mtb with 27.5 wheels is a meeting point between 26 and 29, so for many bikers who combine all types of routes they are the best option.

In terms of prices, both the GTT and the Equinox are more than attractive proposals if what we are looking for is to buy a cheap mountain bike. The standard version of the GTT (with 26 wheels) costs 299 euros at Momabikes. The models 27.5 and 29 They cost 349 euros. We found the Equinox for 349 euros (26 inches) and 399 euros (27.5 and 29 inches). Momabikes guarantees the user the minimum price of its products, so these bikes cannot be found cheaper anywhere else. It is for this reason that it becomes an e-commerce chosen by thousands of consumers when choosing a mountain bike.

Momabikes answers the question which bike should I buy beyond the MTB. Their catalog includes a good range of urban bikes, so in addition to being able to buy a cheap mountain bike, we can also get them at a very good price. touring bikes, folding, electrical, fixies and BMX. As in the process of deciding how to choose a bicycle MTB, to decide which bike to buy from among the urban options that Momabikes sells, it is essential to have an idea of ​​what use the product is going to be given. Fixies and BMX are aimed at a very specific audience, for whom moving around the city has more to do with a way of life than a necessity. Users who need to buy a bike to ride or to commute daily to the workplace are not so aware of the aesthetic element.