Tips to care for and maintain your bike

In this post we will explain some tips to maintain your bike ready for every outing you make. We always recommend following a good maintenance so that your bike does not cause problems and power extend its useful life.

1. Every day of use

Before each departure:

- Grease the chain. A poorly lubricated transmission causes premature wear of the entire transmission group.

- Check tire pressure. Carrying inadequate pressure will mean that you will not enjoy your bike ride well. You can puncture, damage the tire or in the worst case it can cause a fall.


After each departure:

- Clean your bike; especially if your outing has been in dusty or muddy conditions

- Dry your bike well; Avoid rust!!

- Check the tire pressure again



2. Every month

Inspect possible looseness in the bicycle

- On stem and handlebar

- Wheels

- Other elements


* If you are confident using tools, check and re-tighten all screws


Eye! Each screw has a specific tightening torque. If you don't have a torque wrench, don't over-tighten!!

Having the habit of tightening the screws before each outing will prevent you from more than one scare.



3. Every 500km


Check the condition of the brake pads, whether V-Brake, mechanical or hydraulic.

Depending on the bicycle and the use, they have different useful lives:

- On an e-bike they can last between 500 and 1,000km

- On a bicycle without a battery they can last between 1,000 and 2,000km


Depending on the use, the slope and the type of riding, the pads will last more or less.

Riding a bicycle with worn pads ends up causing the brake discs to scratch, and therefore, their replacement prematurely.



4. Every 1,000km


Your bike needs a complete overhaul.

Due to wear, you will probably need to replace:

- Chain

- Rear tire


* We recommend that a professional perform a complete inspection. Thus, they will be able to detect premature wear that could lead to future breakdowns.


The chains stretch with the kilometers. When a chain is too stretched, it must be replaced since its new shape ends up damaging the rest of the transmission, such as the chainrings and sprockets.



5. Every 2,000km


Due to wear, you will probably need to replace:

- Front tire


It is also time to review the suspensions (if applicable)

Basic maintenance is recommended every 100 hours of use or once a year.

Complete maintenance is recommended every 200 hours of use or after 100 hours of basic maintenance.

Failure to maintain your suspensions in a timely manner will can lead to costly breakdowns and loss of warranty.


6. Every 3,000km


Your bike needs a thorough inspection.


Due to wear, you will probably need to replace:

- Complete transmission

- Suspension bearings (if equipped)

- Other bearings


We recommend that the most thorough reviews be carried out by an experienced professional. Avoid scares and ride your bike calmly.





* To control the kilometers you do, we recommend the Strava application, Runkeeper or the cycle computer that we have for sale on our website: CYCLE COMPUTER