How to prepare your bike for summer

The arrival of good weather increases the desire to go out and ride, especially if it is in good company. But, is your bike prepared for summer routes?s?

When we go out on the route we look at what we need to enjoy it to the fullest: water, sun protection, glasses, equipment. But you bicycle It must also be ready to withstand high temperatures, dust, sunlight or uneven terrain.

First of all, it is essential that we regularly lubricate the moving parts, but it is even more necessary in summer than at other times of the year. On the other hand, components such as brakes, wheels or tires also change their behavior with heat, so it is important to perform preventive maintenance.

These are our tips so you can get it ready and enjoy each pedal stroke without worries:


Wash and oil the bike

A deep wash is the first step to leaving our bike impeccable. To do this, use a quality bicycle cleaner and brushes to reach all its components.

You should also check for visible signs of rust, especially on the chain and brake cables. If any of these items are rusted, you will need to replace them.

In addition, having a clean bike helps detect wear problems and makes daily maintenance easier.


The chain is one of the elements that suffer the most from high temperatures and dust, which is why it is important to clean it with degreaser and lubricate it after each ride.

In summer, we recommend using a wax lubricant, since its performance is better in dry conditions. Additionally, replacing cheap chains frequently can be more effective than using an expensive chain, helping to minimize drivetrain wear and make other components last longer.


Regarding the change, it is important to clean and degrease the rollers on the leg of the rear and front derailleurs, since they are moving parts that tend to accumulate dirt, traces of grease  

You can also use a couple of drops of lubricant in oil on the derailleur spring for added protection and to prevent friction.


Bottom Bracket

You should verify that no noises or squeaks are heard when pedaling, since, if this happens, the bottom bracket bearings and bearings may not be greased and this may accelerate their wear or lead to breakage.

If they make noise, it is recommended that you go to a mechanic, since the solution is to remove the connecting rods and the axle, clean them and lubricate them.


The pedals can also cause noises or creaks, to keep them in good condition, you should grease the threads of the pedal and the crank well.

Check the condition of the tires and tire pressure

Depending on the type of cycling we practice, we must check that the wheels are well centered with the frame and that the closures are tight. In addition to checking that the tires are in good condition and the tire inflation pressure is adequate.

Summer is a time to ride with high pressures, especially on the road, since the condition of the terrain is better and there is no risk of encountering wet areas on descents. If you practice Mountain biking, you should pay more attention to the tire pressure, because due to high temperatures, the ground can be very dry or loose, and grip can be risky. In this case, we recommend reducing the normal pressure by about 0.2 bars, to compensate for the loss of adhesion.



Check the brakes

The brakes are one of the elements to which we must pay the most attention. Overheating in summer affects the loss of efficiency and accelerates wear. Therefore, before summer it is advisable to check that brake shoes, discs and pads are in good condition and have the ideal braking surface. Remember that the pad must be at least 1mm thick, otherwise you will have to put a new one.

On the other hand, disc brake fluid also loses properties with heat, so it would be appropriate to bleed the brakes.


Finally, we must not forget accessories that can improve the quality of your routes this summer.

The two accessories that we consider most important are: the handlebar tape and the lights. Changing the handlebar tape on your road bike for a breathable one with more grip will prevent you from losing grip on the handlebars, while reducing the risk of falling. On the other hand, lights are also essential, especially when cycling at night. To comply with the law and protect your safety, you must have a front light (white) and a rear light (red).

If you follow these recommendations, your bicycle will be more than ready to go out and make you live the best moments of summer, what are you waiting for?s?