Everything about the autonomy of your e-mtb

Knowing your electric mountain bike is essential to get the most out of it. Know what its strengths are, the uses it has, how it can help you at each stage of the route and above all its autonomy. Enjoy to the fullest knowing the ins and outs of your E-MTB..


¿Have you ever doubted whether you E-MTB It's going to leave you stranded Today we talk about the factors that can affect the autonomy of your electric mountain bike, so that you know it and know how to take care of it. We know that E-BIKES have evolved a lot in recent years, they have better designs and features, but without a doubt, the element that has evolved the most is the capacity of the batteries. There is a constant search for the battery to have greater capacity; to be able to increase autonomy, go further and climb higher, but the battery capacity is not the only indicator of how long it will last, but several factors that affect its duration must be taken into account::


Style of rider

The way the cyclist pedals directly influences the battery life of your E-MTB. In this way, a smoother pedal stroke or cadence will cause the motor to have fewer jerks, since a constant load is being generated in the chain, which will cause it to consume less battery. On the other hand, if the pedaling is irregular, the motor will be activated more times, and these peaks will cause more battery consumption.

Therefore, if you want to reduce battery consumption with your pedaling style, maintain a constant pedaling and try to avoid constant stopping and starting.

Weight of rider

This point may be quite obvious to some; The rider's weight affects battery life. The greater the weight of rider, the more battery power is needed to move the bike. This is something we cannot control, but we must take it into account.


Support level

The level of assistance is one of the first factors taken into account when assessing the battery capacity of the E-MTB, since it is what has the greatest impact on the autonomy of the bike. E-BIKE.

Cyclists who use the ECO level (lowest assistance level) more will obtain twice the range on a full charge than those who use BOOST (highest assistance level), since the power that is not obtained from the legs of rider, comes from the motor, and it is powered by the E-BIKE battery.


Asymmetry or elevation

Another of the factors that is most often taken into account - and no wonder - is the terrain, since it influences both your personal impact and autonomy. The more altitude you accumulate, the greater the battery consumption. It is important to know that the autonomy marked by the manufacturers is valued on flat terrain.


Climatic conditions and temperature

There are several other factors that can affect the range of your E-MTB, such as weather conditions or temperature. The temperature of the battery at the beginning of the route is what most influences its autonomy. The colder it is, the shorter the battery life, so the battery should not be too cold at the beginning of the route.


Latest recommendations

If you weigh more than 120kg we recommend a powerful battery, but if you are starting out and your weight is not very high, you do not need a bike with the greatest autonomy on the market.

Regardless of the autonomy of your E-MTB, there is a positive point, and that is that electric bikes are still lung bikes, so if your battery runs out you can always pedal back, but you will get stronger carrying those kilos. the rest!s!

Finally, the care you give to the battery will also be a decisive factor for its autonomy. In this article We give you 5 tips to take care of the battery of your E-BIKE so as not to drain the battery at maximum charge, but the most important is: do not drain the battery to the maximum and do not charge it to 100% always.



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