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Bobike One Eco Maxi 1P&EB-D Child Bike Seat for frame and rack



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With an elegant, compact, and ergonomic design, both the seat and footrests have been crafted to fit perfectly, offering enough space to ride comfortably and maneuver with ease.

Designed for the comfort of both the child and the adult, our Bobike One® seat is helmet-compatible, allowing the child's head to rest comfortably without being pushed forward. The water-repellent cushion is easy to clean and provides long-lasting comfort.

The double-wall construction of the seat ensures maximum safety and comfort for your child. With a soft-touch outer wall and a sturdy inner wall, the space between them acts as a cushion in case of impact, protecting the child at all times. It complies with the strictest safety standards, including EN14344:2022, TÜV, and GS MARK certification. It also features an integrated rear reflector and an additional safety belt.

The Bobike One® seat easily adjusts as your child grows, with footrests adjustable in 12 positions and a 3-point safety belt that adjusts without the need for tools.

The Bobike ONE features a three-point harness that is placed over the child's head before buckling it to the seat. The shoulder straps, with soft padding and adjustable in three points, ensure a comfortable and secure fit for the child. The child-proof safety buckle is designed to allow quick adjustments with one hand, ensuring stability and safety at all times.

The footrests provide a secure space for your child's feet. To adjust them, lift the lever and move the tray up or down to the desired height. In addition, rubber straps are included to keep your child's feet in place. These straps easily fold over the child's foot and then lock in place for added safety.

The seat comes with the necessary components to install it on a luggage rack or on the bicycle frame. If you have 2 different bicycles at home, with this model you can place the seat on both the frame and the luggage rack of your bicycle.

Allows for quick installation and removal of the seat without the need for tools, making it perfect for commuting without leaving your seat unattended on the street.


  • FRAME MOUNTING Fits round and oval seat tubes with a diameter between Ø28 and 40 mm. Requires an available tube length of 80 mm.
  • EB-D MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR LUGGAGE RACKS Luggage rack width: 120–175mm Dimensions of oval/round tube of luggage rack: Ø10–16mm Once the E-BD system is attached to the luggage rack, the seat is easily and quickly placed in position thanks to the EASY Mount system. This system is ideal for quickly storing your seat. It does not require tools and allows you to remove and place the seat in seconds, leaving the mounting parts on the luggage rack. Minimum load capacity of the compatible luggage rack is 27 kg, in accordance with ISO 11243:2016 standard. The luggage rack is not included.

The Bobike One® Eco Mini range incorporates non-structural parts with 30% recycled materials: parts of bicycle seats that are discarded in the mass production process are incorporated into the manufacturing of new child seats in non-structural components. All Bobike One® backrest and footrest covers are now made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Compatible with EPAC/Speed pedelecs and electric bicycles. Dutch design and produced in Portugal. Awarded with the EQTM (European Quality Trademark). All necessary tools for assembly are included.

Seat weight:           5,55 kg
Dimensions:           76 × 40 × 38 cm 

Age:                        9 meses – 6 años
Maximum height:   Up to 110cm
Maximum weight:   Up to22Kg
Mounting system:   Luggage rack / Frame


Directly from the factory

2-year product warranty

Bobike One Eco Maxi 1P&EB-D Child Bike Seat for frame and rack

Bobike One Eco Maxi 1P&EB-D Child Bike Seat for frame and rack