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E-LONGTAIL Electric Bike


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one size (1.55 - 1.95 m)

Made in Europe

Direct from the factory

Lifetime frame warranty


Aluminium frame

250W 70Nm Brushless motor

48V 13Ah (624Wh) lithium battery

Fully integrated and removable battery

Range up to 90 km

RST aluminium suspension fork

Shimano Altus RD-M310 7-speed derailleur

Shimano Altus SL-M315 shifter

44T single chainring

Double-wall aluminium rims:

  • Front wheel 26" with Kenda 26x2.10 tire
  • Rear wheel 20" with Kenda 20x2.10 tire

Hydraulic disc brakes (front 180mm / rear 160mm)

5 assistance levels (Eco / Tour / Sport / Turbo / Boost)

LCD display:

  • Assistance level indicator
  • Speed / Average speed / Maximum speed
  • Total distance
  • Distance traveled
  • Usage time
  • Battery capacity

Throttle button for easy start at traffic lights

Pedestrian mode (Pas)

Aluminium brake levers

“Versatile” aluminium rear rack - Max. load capacity 80 kg. Includes adjustable aluminium rods in 2 positions:

  • Can hold 2 child seats, or 2 cushions for older children
  • Can hold a large box for freight transport

Possibility to install 2 large side bags

Aluminium front rack-basket - Max. load capacity 15 kg

Frame bag with a capacity of 7.5 liters

Adjustable aluminium stem

Aluminium cranks and handlebar

Ergonomic and comfortable saddle, adjustable with quick release

Aluminium seat post

Central aluminium kickstand

Ergonomic grips

Front and rear LED lights

Front and rear fenders


Rider height - 1.55 cm to 1.95 cm

The E-LONGTAIL is a versatile bike, suitable for both taking children to school and transporting goods. Thanks to its powerful motor and 5 levels of assistance, you can do it effortlessly.
Our Momabikes E-Longtail has an urban and modern design. Its low frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting. It is equipped with a powerful and silent 250W Brushless motor in the rear hub that offers 70Nm of torque. The 48V 13Ah (624Wh) lithium battery, fully integrated into the frame and removable, provides a range of up to 90km.
It features a 7-speed Shimano Altus transmission, with a Shimano ML-315 shifter.
The front wheel is 26” and the rear wheel is 20”, both equipped with special tires for cargo bikes.
It has hydraulic brakes to stop effectively and progressively.

More about autonomy

How many kilometers can I travel with my electric bike? This is the big question we ask ourselves when we want to buy an electric bike, and the answer is complex because it depends on many factors. The first and primary factor regarding the range of a fully charged battery is the energy stored in it, which we quantify in watt-hours (Wh). We obtain this by multiplying the battery's volts (V) by its ampere-hours (Ah). For example, a 48V 13Ah battery has 624Wh of energy when fully charged, and a 36V 16Ah battery has 576Wh of energy. Once we understand the concept of energy, we need to consider the motor's power, which will determine the consumption of this energy. A bike for legal use in the EU can have a motor with a maximum nominal power of 250W, but it doesn't consume the same amount when working at its limit on a slope greater than 20% (it can have peak consumptions of nearly 150% of its nominal power) as it does when used calmly on flat terrain. Having understood this, we can also say that it doesn't help if the cyclist on a 20% incline uses a low assistance level and does most of the work pedaling, while the cyclist on flat terrain uses a high assistance level and makes no effort, leaving all the work to the motor. This factor, which is obviously key to range, can be joined by other factors that have a lesser influence, such as the cyclist's weight, position, pedaling cadence, and the number of starts and stops, since starts cause consumption peaks. The type of terrain (hilly or flat), surfaces (asphalt or road), and even the wind (headwind) and the type and geometry of the tire also have consequences. For all these reasons, it is very difficult to provide precise and reliable information about a bike's range. The information we provide about the range of our products is for a person weighing 75kg with normal bike use. For example, mountain bikes with combined use on paths with ascents and descents, and urban bikes with city trips involving many stop-start cycles. We don't advertise maximum ranges, but real ones, tested without aiming for especially low consumption. We have achieved ranges of over 200km by seeking maximum efficiency, but we understand that it would be dishonest to advertise these as the normal use of resources was not typical. We can only add that the aspect that sets Moma electric bikes apart from the competition is precisely the range. 100% of professionals who have tested them have been impressed with this data. For us, it is essential in this type of vehicle, and we work daily to improve it as much as possible with batteries that have a high energy storage capacity and very efficient motors that consume the least energy possible.

The feature that distinguishes a Longtail from other bicycles is its rear section. It has an extra-long luggage rack integrated into the frame, which supports a maximum weight of 80kg. You can install the following on it:
- 2 child seats
- 2 cushions if they no longer need seats
- 1 seat + 1 cushion
Alternatively, you can install a box, allowing you to use the bike as a means of transportation for delivering goods.
It also has a front luggage rack-basket, which supports a maximum weight of 15kg.
And if that wasn't enough, in the center of the frame, there is a bag with a capacity of 7.5 liters, ideal for storing any item such as a phone, wallet, or even a small backpack.

The child seats and the large capacity rear box shown in the photographs are not included.

Unboxing Moma E-LONGTAIL


E-LONGTAIL Electric Bike

E-LONGTAIL Electric Bike

one size (1.55 - 1.95 m)