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Bmx bike

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Made in Europe

Directly from factory

Product warranty 2 years

Hi Ten Box

20" wheels

aluminum wheels

2 stands

Aluminum V-Brakes

Aluminum brake levers

Reinforced pedals

Black color

Very robust and light

Classic and reliable BMX bike with which you can explore the city alone or with your group of friends, elegantly overcome the obstacles that appear along the way and practice the fundamental stunts of this urban sport, such as bunny hop, fakie or the rollback. With an aesthetic reminiscent of the Californian bmx of the seventies, it is a robust and light bike, with a Hi Ten frame, 20-inch wheels with aluminum rims and V-Brakes also made of aluminum, with very careful details, such as the comfortable saddle or the inevitable rear footpegs. As it could not be otherwise, the black color predominates over the entire set, with the exception of some aluminum parts.

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We present our BMX

Bmx bike

Bmx bike