Innovation and quality is what we offer at MOMABIKES, where we have been manufacturing for more than 15 years bikes. All our bikes are Made in EU, designed and manufactured in Europe. We are very clear about our priorities, and your safety is one of them.

¿You haven't tried electric bicycles yet Why choose themas?

The e-bikes They are starting to be the favorites. Ideal for enjoying the adrenaline in the mountains, on roads or to transport us around the city of La Coruña, the important thing is to find the right one for your lifestyle and needs.

They are bikes with pedaling assistance with which it is not legal to exceed 25 km/h. They have no grip or trigger. They usually have between 3 and 5 assistance modes, which multiply the pedal stroke; giving one for each pedal stroke you make, or multiplying it by 2 or even 3.6. They also have a walking mode. And as for autonomy, it depends on several factors (weight, slope, assistance mode used), but they usually have between 40km and 120km of autonomy..

¿How to know if an E-BIKE is for me E-BIKES are for everyone! ! 

Its use is expanding rapidly in cities like this. La Coruña has a network of bike lanes and cycling routes that allow you to move around the city safely and comfortably. The city has implemented cycle lanes on certain streets, making it easier to travel by bicycle alongside vehicle traffic. Enjoy a city designed for cyclists and make the most of your pedaling experience.

Getting around the city faster, greater concern for the environment, traffic restrictions, the limitation of public transportation, the need to include physical activity in our busy lives... encourage many to opt for this option as a means of daily transportation .

¡At MOMABIKES we have a electric bike for you!


The E-MTB It has many advantages. They are ideal for cycling enthusiasts who, due to physical limitations or health problems, need the extra help of an electric bicycle. But also for cyclists with a good level, an e-MTB is a good second bike option for calmer or recovery outings.

The Paseo Marítimo de La Coruña is a popular place for cycling. This coastal route gives you panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and allows you to enjoy a relaxing ride while you pedal. You can also visit places such as the Tower of Hercules, the old town and Riazor beach.

Nature and technology. Let yourself be impressed by these incredible models and explore the limits you thought were impossible. Enjoy the forests, roads and mountains with our e-MTB models, and pedal faster and farther than ever!a!

If you are more of a mountain fan and are looking for a cycling challenge, the climb to Monte de San Pedro offers an exciting experience. For this we have the electric mountain bike, which unites adrenaline and nature. It is the all-terrain bike par excellence, its pedal assistance amplifies your strength and prolongs your endurance on all types of terrain, so that the fun continues until you are the one who gets tired of it and not your legs.

¿Do you want to make your trips through  La Coruna shorter and more comfortable touring e-BIKE It is your perfect companion to navigate streets and avenues effortlessly, stroll through alleys and nimbly climb the steepest slopes.

¡Riding a bike has never been so easy! Quietly enjoy all the corners of  La Coruna and control the speed with which you reach your destination.

¡Add speed, comfort and distance to your rides effortlessly!

 If you need greater efficiency when transporting yourself around the city, combining your bicycle with urban transport and saving space at home, the folding e-BIKE is your best option!

Besides, Getting around this city is easy, cIt has kilometers of well-designed and constantly expanding bike lanes, makes it a perfect space to pedal, perfect characteristics for choosing the bicycle as your main transport.

Move with maximum flexibility, without schedules, without space restrictions... Easy to fold and unfold, minimalist and equipped with everything you need to move wherever you want.

Discover the beautiful city of La Coruña while enjoying the countless benefits of having a bicycle. It's time to pedal towards a unique experience in this charming city!  

¿You join the new generation of bikes?


Sales electric bikes in   La Coruna, why buy your electric bike at MOMABIKESS?

We are very clear about our priorities:

Quality and resistance: We follow European manufacturing standards and are so confident in the quality and resistance of our products that we offer a lifetime frame warranty. Our bikes are equipped with components from renowned brands such as SHIMANO, ZOOM and KENDA.

  • Reliability: we are a leading brand in Europe in the online bicycle sales market.
  • Commitment: shipping to  La Coruna It is done in 2-3 business days. You can cancel or return the order and inform us if it has arrived with any damage and we will take care of it.

We ship to any area of ​​La Coruña city, the province or the entire Autonomous Community of Galicia. Buy comfortably from home and receive your bicycle in 2-3 business days, you will receive it 90% assembled. If you are looking for quality, safety and commitment, MOMABIKES is your bicycle store in La Coruña.

Amateur or professional, to explore the city, enjoy the beach, nature or go on routes, there is a perfect E-BIKE for you!  

¡Charge the battery and enjoy hanging around!