The three magic queens of momabikes

At Momabikes we also have queens, you want to meet thems?


EBIKE 28 PRO electric bicycle

¿Are you looking for a good e-BIKE for touring? At Momabikes we have the best. The e-BIKE 28 PRO It is safe, light and elegant, perfect for demanding urban explorers.

A robust bike, with great autonomy and a powerful engine to face demanding mountain routes or transport you around the city safely. Comfortable and versatile, on asphalt or on land, so resistant that pedaling for hours on it and traveling as many kilometers as you want will not be a problem. It has 5 levels of assistance and 7 speed changes that adapt the bike to different routes and situations.

Furthermore, we cannot forget its great autonomy, its 48V battery allows you to travel up to 120km on a single charge, while reaching a maximum speed of 15km/h. It also has an LCD display screen, and the height is not a problem, since you can adjust both the handlebars and the seat.

And if you're worried about security, it won't be a problem. This model has a robust frame that can absorb road imperfections and support the necessary accessories. Its tires are wide and with studs, which improves grip and provides safety to the cyclist. In addition, thanks to its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, the bike stops reliably in any situation..

Quietly enjoy every corner of your city and control the speed with which you reach your destination. The e-BIKE 28 PRO is an all-in-one; city ​​and nature, tranquility and risk.


E-FAT PRO 26'' electric bicycle

The Momabikes Fat Bike model is ideal for covering difficult terrain that is impossible with any other type of bicycle. If your thing is to combine adventure, mountains and risk, the E-FAT PRO 26'' is for you.

Increase the duration and distance of your outings without stopping doing sports. Reach difficult places such as steep areas or large ramps. Discover how its double suspension makes it the most suitable e-BIKE for routes with great unevenness..

This versatile model will help you reduce physical wear and tear and allow you to take very varied routes. In addition, you can do many descents in a short time and faster climbs. Ideal for cycling fans who need the extra help of an electric bicycle.

The E-FAT PRO 26'' has been designed to maintain balance on the most complicated terrain such as sand, snow, mud or stones. Its wheels are created to maintain stability and its 6061 aluminum frame gives it a total weight below average. It also has a Brushless motor, integrated and removable battery, hydraulic disc brakes and wide wheels.

With this e-BIKE with dual suspension, 8 speeds and a range of up to 120km, you will pedal faster and further than ever. Amateur or professional, with the electric mountain bike you will enjoy new routes in nature.


EBIKE 20 PRO folding electric bike

Folding bicycles are one of the best options if your goal is to transport yourself around the city in a comfortable and practical way. But if you want even greater efficiency, the E-BIKE 20 PRO is your new ally! More efficient, taking up less space than a traditional one and combines just as easily with other means of transport as a regular folding bike.

This model with small wheels, front suspension and low center of gravity provides easy handling of the bike. Its 4 levels of pedaling assistance and 7 speed changes allow you to adjust the pedaling cadence to the demands of the terrain.

Easy to fold and unfold, minimalist, with rear luggage rack integrated into the frame, RIM

The ideal bike if your goal is to transport yourself easily, quickly and comfortably around the city.


These are our best models, but if you feel that they don't quite suit you, you can contact us and we will help you find your perfect e-BIKE without obligation.