The best electric bikes to give as gifts for Christmas

The most important dates of the year are very close, and with the arrival of December we begin to look for the ideal gift for our loved ones. If you like cycling or want to start transporting yourself in a different, comfortable and sustainable way; An electric bike is the perfect gift for them this Christmas.

E-BIKES are a phenomenon, with a wide variety of models and adaptable to anyone. There are many benefits that an electric bike can offer; It keeps you physically active, it is the fastest means of transport in the city, it is safe, its maintenance is simple, it saves on transport, and, in addition, they are suitable for any age and physical condition, perfect for those who want to start. Without forgetting the environmental benefit it entails, and the fact that cities are increasingly adapted to cycling in a simple, safe and comfortable way.

Now that you are clearer than ever that a E-BIKE It is the perfect gift for that important person, you may have doubts about which one is ideal, that's why at Momabikes we help you decide.

First of all, you should know what the person you are going to give it to will use the bike for. And, depending on the use you are going to give it, you should opt for one model or another, these are the ones that we consider can best fit according to the different needs you may have.

E-BIKE 20 foldable

¿Looking for the perfect electric bike for city transportation Look no further than the E-BIKE 20 foldable is what you are looking for.

It is ideal for exploring the city effortlessly and combining the bike with other means of transport. With a range of up to 80Km and a weight of only 18kg, it is equipped with a 250W Brushles motor, 20-inch wheels and Zoom front fork with suspension. In addition, its 3-level pedal assistance and 7 speed changes allow you to adjust the pedaling cadence. And, of course, it has a screen to know the trip data and the status of the bike.

It also has all the accessories of a touring bike; LED front and rear light, rear luggage rack, bell…

This electric bike has become one of the best-selling E-BIKES in the last year due to its good quality-price ratio, it is the folding urban bike for daily transport par excellence.

E-Road 28 PRO

This electric touring bike is safe, light and elegant. Its comfortable and stable ride makes it ideal for those who need to get around the city, but also like to go out on the road from time to time.

The E-Road 28 Pro It has an 8-speed Shimano Altus derailleur; fast and effective. With it, slowing down or stopping suddenly is no problem thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes, and the distance to travel does not matter thanks to its 250W Brushless motor. In addition, it has front suspension and autonomy of up to 80km. It will accompany you on your daily trips to work and your trips around the city effortlessly. But in it you not only find comfort for moving around the city, but it also allows you to face large slopes and bumps on the road without problem. In addition, it has an LCD display with 4 levels of assistance, speed, distance and battery capacity indicator.

You are looking at one of the best electric touring bicycles on the market; safe, efficient and durable. Perfect for demanding urban explorers.

E-MTB Full Suspension

This is the E-MTB Full Suspension, an all-terrain electric bike to enjoy the most risky adventures. This model is versatile, powerful and has double suspension, ideal for reaching those places that a traditional mountain bike could not reach.

It is prepared to withstand tough mountain routes and descents on fast dirt tracks. Solid and resistant, its 20kg makes it light. It has a powerful 250W motor, 24-speed Shimano gearbox and a range of up to 120km. In addition, it offers hydraulic brakes that stop the bike in a few meters, a guarantee in any situation.

On the other hand, the E-MTB Full Suspension allows you to choose between 2 wheel sizes; 27.2 and 29 inches: both perform very well, but we recommend the 29 for long routes. And, like its electric companions from Momabikes, it has a screen to know the trip data and the status of the bike, which complements one of the best E-MTBs on the market.


Folding E-BIKE, touring or mountain bike, you choose. And if you still have doubts about which is the ideal electric bike for that important person, don't hesitate and Contact us without obligation.