The 3 best electric bikes of 2022

 ¿How do I choose my electric bike ideal What should I take into account There are different types of battery Which model best suits mes a mí?

When buying a bike many doubts may arise, even more so if we have opted for one. electric bicycle and we do not fully know how it works. To make the search a little easier, we bring you the 3 best Momabikes bicycles in 2022.



Moma E-BIKE 26.2, the electric touring bicycle with retro aesthetics

If you are looking for a electric touring bike To combine daily commuting with long walks through the city and the countryside, this is the ideal E-BIKE for you.

It is one of the great references among retro-style electric bikes. Part of a strong and durable aluminum structure. It has a 250W motor that will allow you to reach up to 25 km/h, its 36V battery provides up to 80 km of travel on a single charge and if you need an E-BIKE with enough thrust even for uphill starts, Moma E-bike 26.2 it is ideal.

In addition, its 26-inch wheels, soft seat and 5-level pedal assistance will allow you to spend many hours pedaling. Smooth or uneven terrain, it doesn't matter, its Zoom front suspension makes potholes and small curbs almost imperceptible. Enjoy the ride, new routes and incredible landscapes with a single charge and without getting tired.

Finally, it has 7 quick-change speeds and brakes, one of the strong points of this E-BIKE; Front and rear hydraulic discs that stop it in a few meters, responding well on any surface.

It also has an LCD screen on the handlebar, reporting trip data and battery capacity. In addition to the lights; front and rear, the bell and the rear rack that provide the bicycle with security and ease of use both in the city and in the countryside.

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Moma E-BIKE 28 Pro

This is the model MTBIf you are looking for a robust bike, with great autonomy and a powerful motor to face demanding mountain routes, this E-BIKE is for you!!

Aluminum frame, 28-inch wheels and hydraulic front suspension that smoothes road obstacles, make this a comfortable and easy model to drive. In addition, it has 5 levels of assistance and 7 speed changes that adapt the bike to different routes and situations, you will reach your destination with minimal effort. Strong climbs, long routes and trails complicated will not be an obstacle for you with the E-BIKE 28 Pro.

But without a doubt, one of the most notable factors is its great autonomy. Thanks to the 48V battery, it provides up to 120km of travel on a single charge, in addition to reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Its 250W brushless motor allows you to climb slopes without much effort.

In addition, it allows you to adjust the height of the handlebars and seat, so height will not be an impediment. And of course, it provides security, since it has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that stop the bike reliably in any situation.

Like its electric companions from Momabikes, it has a screen to know the trip data and the status of the bike, as well as a lighting system, bell and luggage rack, which perfectly complement one of the best E-MTB From the market.

Enjoy long routes in the mountains with the Moma e-bike 28 Pro Regardless of your physical condition, nature and adventure await you!!



Moma E-BIKE 20.2 foldable

¿Your priority is mobility and space. Keep reading, because the Moma E-BIKE 20.2 is the folding electric bike for you.

This model with small wheels, front suspension and low center of gravity provides easy handling of the bike and makes it easy to avoid obstacles, as well as go up and down curbs or ramps.

With a light, resistant aluminum frame, it allows easy maneuvering. And its 3-level pedaling assistance and 7 speed changes allow you to adjust the pedaling cadence to the demands of the terrain or the level of physical effort you want to exert.

In addition, its powerful 250W brushless motor reaches 25km/h and carries a 36V battery, 80km autonomy and fast charging. This E-BIKE has become one of the best-selling electric bikes in the last year due to its good quality-price ratio, the folding urban bike for daily transportation par excellence.

In addition, using the handlebar you can change the speed and assistance levels, as well as check the battery level.

Without forgetting that both handlebars and saddle are adjustable, it has front and rear LED lights, a bell, fenders and its carrier can support up to 15kg of weight.

Perfect if what you are looking for is a bike that allows you good mobility around the city, is easy to combine with other types of urban transport and that takes up little space.


After more than 15 years in the sector, with international recognition for excellent quality-price ratio and using components from the best brands, we are so confident in the quality of our bicycles that we offer a lifetime frame warranty.


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