Guide to buying electric bicycles online

If we are active or potential users of urban bikes, at some point we will consider buying a electric bicycle on-line. The brake on not doing so is in many cases its price, since they can greatly exceed the barrier of 1,500 euros, an outlay that is not within the reach or purpose of anyone. This economic or psychological barrier, depending on the case, can be broken by going to the website of Momabikes, where we can buy cheap electric bicycles online. We are specialized in the sale of all types of bikes.

If we are looking for variety and good prices, in our store we find up to eleven models of e-bikes, totally new and with different profiles, capable of satisfying a very broad segment of users.

We have models with wheels between 20 and 29 inches, 20-inch folding electric bikes and electric mountain bikes. We briefly review our models below, to make it easier to make a comparison:





Electric mountain bikes

¿You want to do longer routes with less effort You usually go on group excursions and you always get left behind With one of our bikes with an assisted pedaling system it won't be very easy, pedal longer with less effort, you won't turn back halfway for fear of getting stuck without strength and you will follow the rhythm of your group without problem. You will just have to be careful not to run out of battery, an element that in Momabikes models has a range of up to 120 kilometers. In addition, you will know at all times the battery charge level thanks to the LCD indicator installed on the handlebar, which also reflects the speed developed, the distance we have accumulated and the level of pedaling assistance that we have selected from the five that we have selected. they have the as E-MTB Momabikes.

The popular and proven brand Shimano is responsible for providing these machines with both the gearbox and the braking system. Equipped with the Acera RD-M360 24-speed group, it has front-rear disc brakes and front fork suspension from the Suntour brand. If you want to compare prices before buying electric mountain bikes online, at Momabikes we have the best options.


Folding electric bikes                                                                  

The most urban model. With a folding bike You gain space and security, since when folded it takes up little space and you can always carry it with you. And if it is electric on top of that, much better, since thanks to the thrust of its motor, the efforts are relativized and you can arrive at your destination impeccably dressed. As it could not be otherwise, the E-Bike 20 are very light folding electric bikes, with a frame and various elements (brakes, power, rims) made of aluminum. For greater driving comfort, it is equipped with front suspension and has very practical details, such as a luggage rack, stand or bell, as well as a comfortable and elegant brown imitation leather saddle. It also has an LED display on the handlebar, with multiple indicators such as battery capacity, assistance level, distance, speed...


26 and 28 inch electric touring bikes

If you are not the target audience for folding or mountain electric bikes, you may be seduced by the option of buying one. electric touring bike, with wider wheels. 

They are ideal for taking long walks, pedaling in a relaxed way. They have a 7005 aluminum frame, with a 7-speed Shimano gearbox. They are very light (20 kg) and have all the accessories of touring bicycles: rear luggage rack, chain cover, stand, mudguards, LED front and rear lights and bell. A delight for those who, yes, have plenty of room at home or in the garage.


Electric bikes are here to stay, without a doubt one of the best investments. In Momabikes We have the ideal electric bike for you.